Tommy Flanagan – Nights at the Vanguard


As all committed jazz enthusiasts know, Tommy Flanagan’s tastefulness on piano; George Mraz’s strength and certainty on bass; and Al Foster’s sheer verve on drums make for a great trio. As the venue for this live performance, the Village Vanguard brings out their best-making this a stupendous example of trio interplay at the highest level. The most fascinating aspect of the CD for me, and the thing that contributes most to its beauty, is that Flanagan has raised the profile of Thad Jones with gorgeous renditions of his songs, which are unfortunately rarely heard. Examples are A Bitty Ditty, and especially Like Old Times. Through these renditions, Flanagan is giving subtle and brotherly homage to his friend(who like his brothers Hank Jones, Elvin Jones,-and Flanagan himself-all cut their musical teeth in Detroit.) Hint: Any CD recorded live at the Village Vanguard is well worth having. Tommy Flanagan’s work here gives strong foundation to that statement. ~By James M. Denson –

-Tommy Flanagan, piano -George Mraz, bass -Al Foster, drums
1. Introduction 2. San Francisco Holiday 3. Goodbye Mr. Evans 4. Mark One 5. More Than You Know 6. Out Of The Past 7. A Biddy Ditty 8. While You Are Gone 9. All God’s Children 10. I’ll Keep Loving You 11. Like Old Times