Dupree Bolton – Fireball


An overlooked trumpeter finally gets his due — in this amazingly rich set dedicated to the work of the great Dupree Bolton! Bolton’s best known for his early 60s hardbop sides with Harold Land and Curtis Amy — but this may well be the first album to be issued entirely under his own name, and is definitely the first to feature such a wealth of music and historical notes on Dupree’s life and career! The package is tremendous — filled with copious notes and vintage photos, and featuring music from three different slices in time — all equally compelling. First up is material from a 1962 TV show, Frankly Jazz — featuring Bolton on trumpet, Curtis Amy on tenor, Ray Crawford on guitar, and Dolo Coker on piano — playing beautifully together with a very soulful sound, on titles that include “Summertime”, “Katanga”, “Blues For Amy”, and “Laura”. Next are 2 tracks from a lost Pacific Jazz session — featuring Bolton’s trumpet with the angular alto of Earl Anderza, plus Hadley Caliman on tenor and Roosevelt Wardell on piano — on the titles “Midnite Lament” and “Joe & I”. Last up is some of the most interesting material on the whole CD — a performance by the Oklahoma Prison Band in 1980, featuring Bolton on trumpet, with a hip group that includes Fender Rhodes, Latin percussion, tenor, alto, flute, and guitar! These titles have a slightly more modern soul jazz feel, but definitely live up to Bolton’s legacy — and titles include “Shackle Blues”, “Chano”, “Monk’s Tunnel”, and “John’s Tune”. © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc. Uptown Records Flashback Series -UPCD 27.56 1962/63/80 54:28-Includes 40 page Liner Notes Booklet

Curtis Amy, Tenor Sax
Dupree Bolton, Trumpet
Ray Crawford, Guitar
Dolo coker, Piano
Victor Gaskin, Bass
Ronnie Selico, Drums
Frank Evans, MC
Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1962
1. Theme (Amy)
2. Summertime (Gershwin)
3. Katanga (Bolton)
4. Laura (David Raskin)
5. Blues For Amy
6. Theme (Amy)
Earl Anderza, Tenor Sax
Dupree Bolton, Trumpet
Hadley Caliman, Tenor Sax
Roosevelt Wardell, Piano
Clarence Jones, Bass
Chuck Carter, Drums
Los Angeles, CA, June 30. 1963
7. Joe and I (possibly Roosevelt Wardell)
8. Midnite Lament (Benny Harris)
Dupree Bolton, Trumpet
Monty Boyd, Trumpet, Flute
Gene Smith, Alto/Tenor Sax
John Pemberton, Guitar
Maurice Stokes, Guitar
Jarone Nelson, Drums
Calvin Borders, Congas,Percussion
Michael Lartique, Congas,Percussion
Paul Brewer, Trombone, Fender Rhodes
Elisha Martin, Bass
All Inmates at Joseph Harp Correctional Center,
Except Paul Brewer and Elisha Martin
Tulsa, OK, July 1980
9. Willie Monroe narrorator/Dupree Bolton Spoken Intro
10. Monk’s Tunnel (Paul Brewer)
11. John’s Tune (John Pemberton-Paul Brewer)
12. Shackle Blues (Dupree Bolton)
13. Chano (Dupree Bolton-Paul Brewer)